Sitemap - 2021 - Investment Talk

Two Years on Substack

Lululemon's Core Business Shines, Whilst Connected Fitness Wilts

Market Talk, December 19th 2021

Rounding Up Earnings: Part of 2 of 2

Why the Evening Rally?

Market Talk, December 12th 2021

Rounding Up Earnings: Part 1 of 2

Lessons in Habitual Saving

Market Talk, December 5th 2021

PLBY: A Portfolio of Call Options

Market Talk, November 28th 2021

SBUX: Musings on 2021

Everything In It's Place

Market Talk, November 21st 2021

KRUS: A 2022 Story, with a Price Tag

PINS: Thesis Creep

Market Talk, November 14th 2021

MTCH: MatchGroup Goes Meta

Market Talk, November 7th 2021

Apple: "A $6B Hit on Revenue"

Twitter: "Ecosystem Model"

Market Talk, October 31st 2021

Facebook: "The Successor of the Mobile Internet"

Learning from Yen Liow: Game Within the Game

Market Talk, October 24th 2021

PLBY Group: Acquiring Dream(s)

Market Talk, October 17th 2021

Q3 FY21 PA Performance & Discussion

Market Talk, October 10th 2021

Clearwater Analytics: S-1 Diving

Market Talk, October 3rd 2021

Guest Interview, Todd Wenning at Ensemble Capital

Square: "Closing the Loop"

Market Talk, September 26th 2021

Lululemon: "Finishing Two Years Early"

Market Talk, September 19th 2021

Portfolio Update 09/16/2021

PayPal: "Ferrari Versus the Model T Ford"

Market Talk, September 12th 2021

The History of the Frappuccino: A Tale in the Importance of Outside Perspective

Apple: "Legacy or Reinvestment Moat"

Market Talk, September 5th 2021

Portfolio Update 08/30/2021

Market Talk, August 29th 2021

Etsy: "House of Brands"

Market Talk, August 22nd 2021

The Multi-Trick Pony

Market Talk, August 15th 2021

Elastic Growth, Lululemon

What is 'Conviction'?

Market Talk, August 8th 2021

PinTok, An Inflection Point for Pinterest

A "Very Significant Investment Over Many Years" for the Next Chapter of Facebook

Starbucks Step Out of Recovery with a Record Quarter

Market Talk, August 1st 2021

Guest Interview, Joe Frankenfield at Saga Partners

Twitter Gallop over a Low Bar, with Product Velocity Taking Centre Stage

Market Talk, June 25th 2021

Kura Time the Stock Issuance Perfectly

A Turnaround Story for Rotating Sushi

A Tough Year to Best the Indices, Facebook Seek to Attract Creators, and Netflix Enter the Gaming Space.

The Trichotomy of Competence Circles

The Chinese RKO, Taper Talks Continue, Continuing Unemployment Claims Decline, Equity Flows Reach 20Y High, and SPAC Deals Slow Down

Planet Microcap & The Investor Way Podcasts

Guest Interview, Dividend Growth Investor

Q2 FY21 PA Performance & Discussion

Facebook Hits $1T, Investors have Paper Hands, Flight & Restaurant Data Comps Positive, and is Remote Work Causing Higher Quit Rates?

Kaitensushi (ε›žθ»’ε―ΏεΈ), Kura Sushi US

Confessions of an OnlyFans Creator, Earning $1.4 Million per Month

Home Sales Decline, $2.4 Trillion in Excess Savings for US Households, Intangibles, and Why Now Might be the Time for OPEC to Increase Supply

Guest Interview, Chris Seifel from Titan Global Capital Management

And Two Becomes Three

Hawkish Fed, Negative Real Yield Junk, and Flight Numbers Continue to Rebound, and OnlyFans Seeks Funding at $1 Billion

The Good, the Bad, and the Peloton

The Hardest Question in Investing: When to Sell.

May CPI Data Looks Transitory (Or Does It?), Mortgage Rates Reach New Lows, Energy Dominates and Americans Quit Jobs at Record Levels

Guest Interview: Michael Fritzell From Asian Century Stocks

Reflecting on the Mid-Point of the Year

Etsy Add Another Marketplace to their Portfolio and Raise Another $1 Billion

Fed to Unwind Bond Portfolio, US Jobs Recovery, Enthusiasm in the Cycle, MemeLand, and Australia Showing Signs of Normality

Real Estate is Hot, UK Confidence at 3Y High, The Convertible Debt Boom, and the US Recovery

Good Investing is Often Boring

Building the Next Computing Platform

Guest Interview: Dan Lane from Freetrade

Consumer Confidence, Apple's Quasi-Monopoly, Buy and Hold Works, Home Prices, and Restaurants (Kind of) Have Their Mojo Back

One Year of Writing on Substack

It Takes Longer than Three Months to Roll Out a Three Year Plan, Twitter 2.0

Reflections on Noise

Guest Interview: Alex Morris from The Science of Hitting

Inflation is Coming, and Everyone Knows It. Retail Sales, VR, and Signal to Noise Ratios.

Starbucks is Back, and with a Strong Digital Presence

πŸ‚ Market Talk #5 πŸ‚

An Engine of Visual Discovery: Part 2

An Engine of Visual Discovery, Pinterest: Part 1

Guest Interview: Edwin Dorsey

πŸ‚ Market Talk #4 πŸ‚

Apple’s Q2 FY21 & April Event

The Results are In

Guest Interview: Chris Barto

Vote for the Next Three Deep Dives

πŸ‚ Market Talk #3 πŸ‚

Guest Interview: Pythia Capital

GoDaddy Q4 & FY20 ReCap

πŸ‚ Market Talk #2 πŸ‚

Guest Interview: Michael Mitchell

πŸ‚ Market Talk #1 πŸ‚

I am Now Full-Time... on Substack.

Guest Interview: Matthew Cochrane

The Bazaar of Digital Commerce, Etsy

Guest Interview: Richard Moglen

Guest Interview: 10-K Diver

Twitter's Q4 & FY20 Results, With Insights into Revenue Durability

PayPal to Acquire Curv, in an Effort to Bolster Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Support

Square Q4 & FY20, with Additional Acquisition News

Leading, Lagging and Coincident Indicators

Feedback on Proposed Structural Changes & New Discord Chat

My Appearance on the Chit Chat Money Podcast

Re: Restructuring Email

Big News. Subscribers, Please Read & Complete Survey.

Guest Interview: David Belle

Peloton Q2 FY21 Earnings Review

Crowdstrike to Acquire Humio in $400 Million Deal

PayPal Q4 & FY20 Earnings Review

Guest Interview: Liviam Capital

MatchGroup to Acquire HyperConnect in $1.725 Billion Deal

Guest Interview: Kermit CapitΓ‘l

MatchGroup Q4 & FY20 Earnings Review

Guest Interview: Richard Chu

Starbucks Q1 FY21 Review

Apple: Q1 FY21 Review

Facebook: Q4 & FY20 Earnings Review

Guest Interview: Mostly Borrowed Ideas

Guest Interview: Brad Freeman

Celsius Holdings Inc: An Overview

Match Group: The Thesis

Guest Interview: Brian Feroldi