Thank you for taking the time to check out the Investment Talk. My name is Conor, aka Investment Talk on Twitter.

Through this newsletter, I share with subscribers my investment research, alongside my own portfolio activity, guest interviews, and personal writings. I frequently share conclusions from the earnings activity of companies I personally own, as well as research on new companies that I am studying. Additionally, subscribers are granted access to a private Discord room, where they can discuss subjects with other investors. The full archive of posts can be found here.

What makes this service unique? First, after spending a number of years as an analyst in the fintech industry, I left my role to pursue writing and investment research full time so this is now my primary venture. Second, I have both an undergraduate degree in Economics as well as a Master Degree in the field of Innovation. Third, I provide complete transparency with both my research and my own portfolio composition (weightings and returns) in a style that is jargon-free and embedded with my own personality. Fourth, my promise to subscribers is that I will deliver quality work, with an eternal desire to improve as time goes on, as well as offering my time to you if you would like to interact (Discord, DMs, Emails, or your preferred medium).

Who is it for? Investment Talk is for readers who wish to learn about companies that are potentially outside of their own circle of research, as well as those who are longing to become part of a community of like-minded investors and learn more about investment research.

Who is it not for? Investment Talk is not for investors who are seeking frequent stock picks, price targets, high-frequency trading activity, or bold predictions.

Subscribers will receive a write-up every Monday, as well as one issue of Market Talk each Sunday. I currently work on Investment Talk full-time, and consistently take feedback from readers to ensure that the value of the newsletter exceeds its monetary value ($15 per month or $120 per year).

Newsletter Categories

I run Investment Talk in a manner that is applicable to my own research process, and share a range of content that is categorised as the following:

Company Spotlight: Posted once per month, spotlights are lengthier research pieces that tackle a new business each in each issue. Downloadable as PDFs, these pieces aim to leave the reader with a full understanding of one new business, selected by me, in one read.

Personal Equity Research: Posted throughout the month, I share my own research for the companies I follow. This typically includes a ~15-page issue where I break down the most important factors of each business and typically is a higher composition of the posting schedule during earnings season. Additionally, this is where I share my own portfolio considerations, complete with weightings, returns, and a quarterly update issue.

Guest Interviews: I will sporadically have the chance to interview other great investors or businesspeople in a written format, at which point I share those interviews with readers.

History of Business: In this segment, I routinely go back in time to explore the rich histories of businesses that have stood the test of time, from both the perspective of their founding and pivotal moments in their lifecycle.

Personal Writings: Here, I share everything that doesn’t fit into the above categories. This typically includes educational pieces as well as writings about my own life.

Market Talk: Every Sunday, I share an issue of Market Talk which shares the highest quality work that I have consumed during the week for both company-specific insights and non-company related insights. This also includes one stellar podcast recommendation each week.

[Company Spotlight, personal equity research, and personal writings are typically reserved for subscribers, whilst market talk and guest interviews are always available to free readers]


For some quick background, I spent my university years as an economics student before embarking upon a Master degree in innovation. Post-graduation I began to work for a fintech company within the investment management industry, where my role as an analyst would involve me working with both IM and Insurance clients on the backend.

Growing tired of that life, and to stimulate the passion I had developed for investing since an early age, I created a Twitter account in early 2020, as well as this very newsletter. This allowed me to share my long-form ideas, interact with other investors, and create a community.

One year on I decided to quit my job and pursue this passion full-time.

My days are largely spent drinking coffee at my desk and studying businesses, and then sharing those learnings with readers.

I would describe myself as a long-term investor who typically takes a 3Y to 5Y outlook, before reassessing once that period matures. I follow the adage that one should research, reach a conclusion, and then verify and continue to hold so long as the thesis remains intact.

My own investing style is one that seeks to find dominant players within their respective market who have shown signs of monopoly or oligopolistic behaviour, unlikely to be disrupted, in tandem with discovering market disruptors who have a high likelihood of disrupting their respective market. Equally (and weighted accordingly) I seek to discover more nuanced, misunderstood, situations with a shorter time frame.

I prefer to take somewhat of a barbell approach to investing, and typically own between 15 to 18 names at any given time, with a heavy allocation to my top five names.

Thanks again for considering the Investment Talk newsletter.



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