Investment Talk

My name is Conor MacNeil, aka Investment Talk on Twitter, in April 2020 I created Investment Talk as a space to share my own investment research and musings. I am a long-term investor, that typically seeks to identify market leaders with solid moats, future market leaders, and interesting situations.

In April 2021, I was fortunate enough to leave my full-time job as an analyst and pursue Investment Talk full-time.

What is Investment Talk?

Investment Talk is where I provide all of my investment research output, as well as my own decision making regarding my own portfolio. I will update my thoughts on the companies that I own each quarter, as well as routinely diving into new companies. When the earnings season is quiet, I also share insights into my investment process, conduct guest interviews, and write about the history of businesses, and write other more creative content matters.

The core tenants to the newsletter are:

  • Equity Research: I primarily write about the handful of companies that I own each week, as well as sharing my portfolio with complete transparency, complete with one full overview each quarter. Once per month I also dig into a new company that I don’t currently own. These are called ‘company spotlight’ editions.

  • Market Talk: Each Sunday, I share a curated batch of interesting research, articles, and podcasts that I have consumed during the week.

  • Personal Writings: Outside of equity research, I also like to write about higher-level investment process matters, the history of certain businesses, and share personal reflections.

  • Guest Interviews: I like to learn from the best, and so make a point to conduct interviews throughout the year with fund managers or investors I admire.

  • Community: Community is huge for me, and I find it to be one of the most beneficial aspects of running this publication. Subscribers are granted access to a private Discord server, where conversation flows daily.

What to Expect:

As a premium subscriber you will receive:

  • One to two write-ups every week, including issues from all the above categories. During earnings season, this will often be two per week, and in the off-season, it’s usually one.

  • Access to the private subscriber Discord, where I am active every day.

  • One issue of Market Talk every Sunday.

  • Complete transparency and honesty from myself with respect to what skin I have in the game. I share updates on my own holding throughout the month, complete with one full summary each quarter.

  • A full archive of all prior issues.

To be granted access to all of the above, become a premium subscriber. I currently work on Investment Talk full-time, and consistently take feedback from readers to ensure that the value of the newsletter exceeds its monetary value ($15 per month or $120 per year).

Who is it For?

  • Investment Talk is for readers who wish to learn about companies that are potentially outside of their own circle of research, as well as those who are longing to become part of a community of like-minded investors and learn more about investment research.

Who is it Not For?

  • Investment Talk is not for investors who are seeking frequent stock picks, price targets, high-frequency trading activity, or bold predictions.

About Me:

  • I am a Scottish national, raised in Germany and England, before heading home to complete my secondary and tertiary education.

  • A graduate of both an undergraduate in Economics and a Masters in Innovation, I later migrated into the fintech industry, where I worked as an analyst for a number of years.

  • I have been working since the age of 14, investing since the age of 18, and am deeply fascinated by business, innovation, and investing.

  • After stumbling into a substack in early 2020, I was able to pursue that ambition full time in 2021 and leave my role in fintech.

  • I currently share my work with 44,500+ Twitter followers and 6,700+ Substack readers.

More about my background and my investment process can be found in the below episode of the Saxo Market Call that I was fortunate enough to be a guest on in November 2021.

My Promise to Readers:

  • My promise to readers is that I will be attentive, responsive, transparent, and constantly working on delivering work that is worthy of the subscription cost. Long-time readers will know that I am an open book, and I hope that continues to resonate with future readers.

Thanks again for considering the Investment Talk newsletter.



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